Friday, January 17, 2014


I got home safe and sound! I've been home for 27 days now, and I know my blogging was bad when I was gone and after I came home. But I've decided to still keep it. Because there might be a new trip in the future, and I will be sharing ideas I get for that trip. Places to see and visit. And since I am a travel geek and love to read about amazing places all over the world, I will probably share some of my other dream destinations, which are not a part of my partially set plan yet. And of course I will slowly but surely, as I get through my 10.000++ pictures, share more from my wonderful days in amazing Cambodia. And I'll probably share a little from my everyday life, which is now taking place in Trondheim. I officially moved out of my parents' home this week, and I am renting a room in Trondheim. One private room, and I share bath and kitchen with a couple guys. I think it will be good!
So please tag a long for the next part of my journey, maybe not as exciting at first, but I promise there will be a lot of fun in the future. Because I am still following my dreams!

A few pics from my room in the city. 

A picture wall, which I will cover with pics, just got to have them printed.

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