Monday, January 20, 2014

Crochet Dreamcatcher

Yesterday I saw this incredible dreamcatcher with crochet online, and I got several ideas for dreamcather designs. Btw I forgot to tell that I learned to make dreamcatchers in Cambodia. But there was one problem when it came to making a crochet dreamcatcher, I did not know how to do crochet. So I went on youtube and I learned. So in one night I was able to make these two dreamcatchers. The white/turquoise one is made after a doily tutorial I found on youtube and then attached to the ring. But the brown one I made purely on my own fantasy, and I used the ring as a base. Which was something I had to find a solution for myself, because there were no tutorials on how to do crochet within a ring, haha! But I am sort of proud of myself for being able to teach myself crochet in one night, and in that one night make something without following a written pattern or a tutorial. So there will definitely be more crochet dreamcatchers in the future.

The only picture I remembered to take while I was making them!


  1. Åå, æ likt den blå! Lag ein t mæ da snuppsi <3

    1. Helt ærlig kjære, så va den tenkt te dæ ;) <3