Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Apsara Photoshoot

This is the first of many memories from my days in Cambodia that I am going to be sharing with you guys.

Me and a few other girls decided to go to a photo studio, get dressed up in traditional Apsara Clothing, and get our picture taken. It was weird and fun, we did not understand one word that the photographer, the stylists nor the photo-editors said, because they barely knew any english. But I do think they laughed of us a lot, because they were constantly giggling as they put on our make-up. But I would probably be laughing myself, because this is not what most tourists do, they are probably not used to westerners, and the make-up they put on where in fact hilarious; they put gold glitter on my eyebrows! Yes, my eyebrows! And also the editing afterwards is insane, whiter skin(because to them; the whiter your skin the better), ten times more airbrush than you will ever find in a fashion magazine and several crazy backgrounds.

Haha, all in all, i now have some pretty unique pictures from my time in Cambodia. Even if I only liked one of them, which they luckily added a pretty decent background to. I also snapped a few photos with my iPhone during the whole thing for you to enjoy.

The clothing btw, was soooo heavy! But I sort of liked my tiara.

And the results: 

If you wanna do the same if you are ever in Cambodia, you can probably ask the staff at your guesthouse/hostel/hotel and they will probably know a good place. At least we did it at 7 Photo in Siem Reap, you find it on the same street as Lucky Mall, between the mall and Pub Street.

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