Saturday, February 1, 2014

Instabomb: January

Thought I'd share my instagrams from the past month. January was a slow instamonth actually, I didn't post too much. But enjoy what I did post!

1. A news article about Hilde-Marie who is one of the owners of Babel in Cambodia. 2. My new home. 3. Crochet dreamcatchers. 4. Oatmeal pancake with cottage cheese and mandarine. 5. JD after our Globalstudies presentation. 6. Me after our Globalstudies presentation. 7. Time to do nails and watch Revenge. 8. Globalstudies at the educational fair. 9. My cat, Catalina. 10. The horses and a early sunrise.


Yesterday was the last day of the educational fair, and we had a blast! Hopefully we recruited a lot of new students, that would be awesome! Those we didn't recruit does not know what they are missing, because it was the time of my life.