Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Globalstudies Tour 2014

Globalstudies, the Norwegian school I studied with in Cambodia is now doing promotion for a new fall semester. And of course I am a part of this promotional tour. Today we had a presentation at a school here in Trondheim. I had a lot of fun doing it together with John-Daniel, the father of the girl that runs Globalstudies. And afterwards we went for lunch and then shopped for our stand at the education fair. Because on Thursday and Friday we will have a stand at the educational fair here in Trondheim. So come and find us! We are gonna have a blast at our stand!

The Cambodian flag is of course with us!


  1. Jeg liker bloggen din så utrolig godt! Du er så flink, og ikke minst inspirerende :-)

    1. Tusen hjertelig takk :) Så hyggelig å høre!