Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Golden Mount

During my time in Bangkok I went for a trip to the temple known as Golden Mount. It is a artificial hill in the middle of Bangkok, and is a very popular tourist attraction. I thought the walk up, which has exactly 318 stairs, was very beautiful because everything is sort of a rainforest. And the place got a insane view over Bangkok city. It is even a very cheap attraction, it only cost 20 Baht to enter. It is low season in Bangkok now, and it was even raining when I went there, so there were almost nobody up there. I hate attractions where it is crowded with tourists. I really thought Golden Mount was beautiful.

And actually when I was at the top a young munk asked me for a picture, and of course I said yes, but asked if I could have a picture with him also.

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  1. Spennende, det er sikkert mange opplevelser som må fordøyes. Det er sikkert inntrykk som må bearbeides over tid. Har dere begynt forelesningene i Siem Reap? Gleder meg til å høre om disse også.
    Her heime forhandles det om regjering og ingenting er avklart ennå.
    Ha det godt og ta vare på deg selv.