Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eventful day at the stable

Yesterday I went to the stables to take my horse out for a trip, not everything went as planned. When I first arrived I had to go and catch our little pony who had escaped, when he was back behind fences I could take my horse out for a ride. When we had gotten to the point the furtherest away from home, about 6,5 km, one of his shoes came loose, it didn't completely fall of though. But then we had to go a few kilometers to the closest farm and ask them to help me remove the shoe completely, I did not bring the right tools for that on such a trip. After that I had to walk a kilometer or something back home with the horse in one hand and the shoe in the other. And of course when I came back; the pony had escaped, again. So the day was pretty eventful, nothing went on as I had planned. But the first parts of the trip was very nice though, I did take a few pictures with my phone for you to see. My hometown is very pretty.

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