Monday, October 14, 2013


So then we were finished with our first group work, hopefully we will pass! We've had school for one week now, and school here is a little different then at home. Our classroom is on the top floor of another guesthouse here in Siem Reap, with 3 balconies, and from one of them you can even spot Angkor Wat! And we get served a hot lunch downstairs besides the pool, so bringing a bikini to school is absolutely normal. And instead of a cantina, we have a poolbar where we can get refreshments all day. But being a student isn't anything to take lightly, because we only have two weeks to learn each subject before it is time for the exam. So in a week it is time for our first exam, in the subject "Introduction to the business of travel". But reading for a exam is pretty chill, we either head to our neighbor guesthouse and lie by the pool there or often I head to the Sokha Hotel, where I've payed for a gym membership and can use the pool as much as I want. Then anyone can enjoy being a student!

At the Sokha Hotel!

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